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Watercolor Paint New Series C - Half Pan Paints - Professional Art Supplies Watercolor Palette

Watercolor Paint New Series C - Half Pan Paints - Professional Art Supplies Watercolor Palette

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Primary color
Color Codes : ( The code of each color is written in the product list photos.! )

-- ZS301 (Green Tone)
-- ZS302 (Turquoise Tone)
-- ZS303 (Green Tone)
-- ZS304 (Light Green Tone)
-- ZS305 (Turquoise Tone)
-- ZS306 (Light Pink Tone)
-- ZS307 (Bronze Tone)
-- ZS308 (Lavander Tone)
-- ZS309 (Orange Tone)

🌈 Features:

- The paints are handmade with high quality watercolor pigments. (The glitter pieces on the paints are made to add visual effect, they do not have a negative effect on the color of the paint on the paper.)

- I produced each half paint pan from epoxy material specifically for each color paint and sanded it one by one to make it ready for use.

- Each paint has a unique color and tone concept inspired by the artist's masterpiece.

- The entire set reaches you in careful packaging. (Each paint is wrapped in special packaging paper featuring an original painting by a famous artist and a brief biography on the back.)

πŸ–Œ If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to send us a message. Thank you!

πŸ–Œ All watercolors are made with completely natural materials. For this reason, some paints may take longer to cure and dry.

πŸ–ŒImportant: As all items are handmade and due to lighting characteristics, the actual item and listing photos will NOT look exactly the same. All items are 100% original.

πŸ–Œ Important: During periods of heavy logistics traffic, there may be delays in international cargo deliveries.

πŸ“Œ ***All expenses that may occur due to product prices in international shipments (customs tax or return costs, etc.) belong to the buyer.

πŸ“Œ***Please add shipping insurance if you are not satisfied with the shipping company. If you have not added insurance to your orders, unfortunately you cannot get a refund. Search the word "insurance" in my store. Thank you.

Materials: powder paint pigments,arabic gum,glycerin,tinsel,zehrart
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