An innate talent and an endless desire to learn, this must be the formula for quality and elegance.


The artist who embodies determination and ambition for success.


The artist was born in 1993 in Bursa, Türkiye. After completing his primary and secondary education, he graduated from Bursa "Zeki Müren" fine arts high school. He continued his university education at Muğla Bodrum Faculty of Fine Arts.

In 2019, he created the art paints brand "ZehrArt Studio" under his own name. The artist, who exports the completely handmade art paints he creates under his brand to 93 countries, is still taking new initiatives to increase his production volume.

During this process, he was involved in the work of the world-famous Painting Artist Devrim ERBİL.

The artist is currently working on two highly anticipated projects around the world. These;

  • "Veiled Voyages: An Artist's Journey": A self-portrait collection planned to consist of ten paintings.
  • "Timeless Masterpieces: Art on Ancient Wood": A collection in which famous paintings by famous painters are reflected on 150-year-old tree slices with the slogan "Respect for Art and the Artist".
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