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Basic Colors - 8 Pcs Handmade Watercolor Palette - Matte Watercolor Half Pan Set with Metal Tin Box

Basic Colors - 8 Pcs Handmade Watercolor Palette - Matte Watercolor Half Pan Set with Metal Tin Box

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Basic Colors Watercolor Half Pan Set (8 Pcs) with Metal Tin Box

Colors Code:

ZS01 - Yellow
ZS02 - Mustard
ZS03 - Blue
ZS04 - Light Blue
ZS07 - Green
ZS08 - Navy blue
ZS09 - Black
ZS10 - Red

Half Pan Size : 0,62x0,75x0,4 inch (1,6x1,9x1 cm)

🎨 These handmade watercolors are crafted with care and precision, providing rich and vibrant hues for all your creative needs.

🎨 Our watercolor paints are of the highest quality, providing excellent color intensity and texture for your paintings.

🎨 Each of our handmade paints is carefully crafted with premium pigments and natural binders, ensuring consistent quality and superior results.

🎨 Looking for the perfect gift for the artist in your life? Our artist gift sets feature a variety of high-quality tools and supplies, sure to inspire and delight.

🎨 Watercolors our art supplies are designed to meet the needs of artists of all skill levels, providing excellent quality at affordable prices.

🎨 Our watercolors offer exceptional color brilliance and transparency, perfect for capturing the beauty of nature and the world around us.

🎨 Our handmade watercolours are made with the finest pigments and traditional techniques, providing a superior painting experience.

🎨 Our paint sets offer a wide range of colors and textures, perfect for any artist looking to explore and experiment with different techniques.

🎨 Whether you're a professional artist or a beginner, our art supplies are designed to meet your every need, providing excellent quality and value.

🎨 Our metallic paints provide a shimmering, iridescent effect that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any painting or project

🖌 All water color paints are made with all natural ingredients. They too are all hand made, with that being said some paints may take longer to cure and dry.


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Materials: powder paint pigments,arabic gum,glycerin,zehrart
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